In Architecture, the Keystone is the final stone to hold in place an arch or ceiling.

Keystones are the independent living skills for a satisfying and successful life. Keystones is a “ready for life” learning platform for graduating seniors and newly independent young adults.

Students discover and discuss important perspectives, assess themselves along fifteen life skills, and develop action plans for their success. Keystones is a learner-centered  mentored small group program for blended learning (both online and in class).


Keystones is experienced as an online-only MOOC or a blended learning program for school and service partners. This highly interactive program utilizes short, powerful content to stimulate discussions. Students access the course using a PC, tablet, or mobile device to develop their knowledge and perspectives on fifteen life skills topics through conversations, games, activities, quizzes, surveys, journal prompts, and more.

The program begins with training on the learning management system, which includes team-building activities and a prequel to Keystones fictional narrative.

Once orientation is complete, students progress through a 15 week cycle:

  • Game On serialized audio drama episode and discussion
  • Self-study, perspectives, and explorations
  • Journaling and discussions


Well-being: Personal Well-being; Emotional Well-being; and Personal Growth

  • Students will understand that good health, emotional balance, and a willingness to grow are the foundations of a successful life.

Social Skills: Personal Relationships; Social Relationships; and Public Square

  • Students will learn how to develop and maintain positive personal and social relationships, how to manage conflict, and why we must stay connected to current events and the world around us.

Success Skills: Organizational Skills; Career Planning & Management; and Professionalism

  • Students will explore career planning and goal setting and develop the skills required to become well organized, polished professionals.

Knowledge Management: Information Mastery; Knowledge Transformation; and Life-Long Learning

  • Students will understand the importance of becoming life-long learners who think critically and transform information into knowledge.

Practical Skills: Financial Skills; Civic & Legal Skills; and Independent Living

  • Students will learn the importance of financial security, fundamental legal and civic concepts, and independent living skills.

The final Project is an action plan developed during the program for continued learning and personal development.

The Keystones platform includes comprehensive mentor training, tools, and resources that include an online community of Practical Academics mentors.

In today’s world, you have to become your best self to succeed.

Contact Us to bring the platform to your school or service program, or pre-register (coming soon) for the online program starting January 2016.