Career Planning and Management

Larry Smith – Why You Will Fail to Have A Great Career

Yves Morieux – As Work Gets More Complex: 6 Rules to Simplify

Career Development, UC Berkley Website contains information, videos, tools, and related links that pertain to career development, goal setting, skill development, and career management. Also has assessments and evaluations to help individuals plan and manage their careers.

My Road, by College Board This website is catered towards young adults who are interested in learning more about the multitude of career paths that exist in the world. The site hosts personality tests as they relate to careers and college majors. It also allows visitors to search for colleges by location, major, and cost, among other variables. There is a similar search function for careers. Moreover, the site has testimonies from students and professionals regarding their career choices.

The Business Journal News, resources, and information on resources, events and jobs.

Wall Street Journal, Careers Page This page provides articles on career advice, finding a job, and salary trends among other workplace issues and news.

Developing a Vision and Goals for your Career Goals. Berkley University’s guide to developing realistic and achievable vision that will aid you in completing your career goals based around seven easy steps.

Key Career Networking Resources for Jobseekers. Including, resume samples and advice, job search blog, college panning tips, career resources, and the like.

Moran, Dan. 2010. What Exactly is a Career Management Plan. Want to know? Check this out. Short and sweet.

Bolles, Richard N. What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers. Bolles book is one of the most highly regarded career path books of all time. Aside from providing the reader with the toolkit to pursue their passions, it also provides information on the basics of job searching – from resume writing to pay negotiation. The book also has worksheets contained within the text in order to help the reader along their journey.

Carpenter, Ben. The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How To Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be A Leader, Start a Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live a Happy Life. In baseball, “the bigs” is slang for the big leagues. When you become responsible for yourself, and you are being paid to do a job, you are in the big leagues. The real world is tough, competitive, and much is expected. This is a quintessentially American story of one man’s journey through his career and life. Wall Street veteran Ben Carpenter chronicles the people he met, the experiences he had, the mistakes he made, and what he learned along the way. Readers will encounter a colorful cast of real-life characters which include Big Hank, Hoops, Sweater Girl, The Zombies, Mr. Nuts, The Cheese, Deep Throat, and The RAT. Their tales illuminate Carpenter’s progress from newly minted liberal arts graduate, to the owner of an out-of-control bar in Manhattan, to the CEO of a major international investment company. While the real world can be very fun, it’s also very much a battle, and that battle is not easy for anyone. The Bigs is an eye-opening book with specific, comprehensive, and practical advice you won’t hear anywhere else. This is a book that parents will want to read and give to their children—and their children will want to read and share with their friends. (Description, from

Career Planning and Management Inc. Career Development Programs for Individuals and Groups.

JPO Service Center: Career Management JPO Career Management Website provides information, tools, and resources in career planning. The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) program also is an opportunity for motivated young professionals to gain experience in development management in the United Nations system. Though the website does cater to those interested in working for or with the UN, it also hosts pages dedicated to career advice and resources.