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The Key Resources section of this site is dedicated to supporting individuals who are moving out on their own for the first time. This could include recent high school graduates, college students or graduates, or anyone ready to make the move in their life at anytime. This is a community project supported by Practical Academics, representing content curated as part of the development of our Keystones program, as well as content submitted by you and our mentors.

We hope that you find the information useful. We are not trying to make this a comprehensive site (why reinvent the internet), our inent is to provide a few high quality resources to start you on your way. If you would like to recommend a resource, please feel free to contact us and share it so we may add it!

How to use this site:

Since this is an internet site, most resources listed here are web resources and will not be geographically local to you. However, we hope you are inspired by the ideas here to do you own search using the ideas and terms suggested here.

The website features 5 different categories, each containing three subcategories. Each page contains fivae categories of resources for you:






Orange titles are hyperlinks that will connect you to the resource they describe.

We wish you all full and satisfying lives, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

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