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Keystones Self-Guided Tour

Keystones has been in development for over a year. We have continued to get great feedback, having held focus groups with teachers, partial trials with live students, and are completing a complete ‘alpha test’ run-through this fall.  We are ready for our first live “beta” customers in January, and would love to have you participate.

Audio teaser here

Keystones is designed for graduating seniors who are preparing for life on their own. The program was originally developed to augment a Senior Project class with the goal of helping prepare graduates for life on their own.  The program is locally managed and controlled, your mentors are trained and supported throughout. Keystones is designed to be delivered in a blended learning model (though it can be site based or online).  Please see the attached presentation for a program overview, and word document for an example module, and listen to the teaser of the audio drama.

Keystones 2.1 Module Walkthrough

Keystones complements the academic skills and content learned in school with valuable perspectives for living a healthy and successful life.

Keystones is delivered as a blended learning program as:

  • part of a senior project class
  • a high school elective for graduating seniors
  • a parent or counselr-hosted study group
  • a Peer-delivered student program / leadership course
  • used by service programs to prepare young adults for independent living

Keystones is a turn-key, cloud-based and mobile enabled, locally controlled platform, including:

Student materials:

  • Game On, a fifteen episode audio drama introduces the weekly topics
  • Short, powerful lessons on program the topics
  • Student- and mentor-designed explorations to deepen understanding with experiential learning

Mentor materials:

  • Comprehensive training in the program and with the Learning Management System
  • Annotated scripts and a library of explorations to help students dig a little deeper
  • An online mentoring community with resources and for support.